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Service Clinics

Service Clinics Cancelled during Covid


(2-4 people)  COST $35 +tax per person Select Saturday mornings at 9:00am. 

(1 hour) $10 non-refundable deposit to hold your spot on the date booked.

Call the shop to register or for more info 905-619-8875  or e mail

Bring your bike to the clinic.


Pre ride inspection

  • maintaining proper tire pressure - presta valve, schraeder valve
  • wheels spin freely, brakes work, derailleur working well
  • choosing and applying chain lube - dry lube ,wet lube, wax
  • bolts are tight, seat pack is full - spare tube, pump, tire levers, multi tool, chain breaker, gel

Extending the ride

Flat repair:

  • remove v brake wheel, remove disc wheel, remove road wheel.
  • tube inspection, tire inspection, replacing tube, inflating tire
  • installing the wheel
  • leave no garbage

Chain Repair:

  • chain tools, removal of damaged links,
  • drivetrain variations - 8 vs 9 vs 10 spd
  • installation of master link, freeing up stiff link
  • new chain + old drivetrain = skipping
  • chain stretch, drivetrain wear

Post Ride Maintenance:

  • cleaning the drivetrain - degreaser, brushes
  • chain - wd40, chain lube - freeing up seized links
  • cables dry lube
  • headset - check for binding
  • pedal springs - lube
  • derailleur pivots - dry lube - check for visible damage
  • brake pads - NO LUBE - inspect for wear
  • DO ASAP do not store in damp or humid areas

Upon Completion our gift to you will be 10% off any bike maintenance products, such as tools and lubes.

2022  Clinics:

  • Cancelled during Covid. 

Group Clinics:

We will also run group clinics related to bike care and maintenance. Call or e-mail us for a quote and to discuss topics.