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Service Department

Our professional staff are happy to help you with your service needs. 

We offer a full range of services from tube replacement to tune ups.

Bikes We Repair: Please read before bringing in in your bike.

We sell High Quality bikes & that's what we prefer to repair. Bike repairs have become much more technical. Hydraulic disc brakes, electronic shifting, dropper posts and e bikes it takes a lot of knowledge, training and time to complete a proper repair, our trained tech’s in the shop are always busy we have plenty of work.

  1. We repair all bikes that we sell.
  2. We repair quality bikes sold by other independent bicycle dealers.
  3. This does not include Department store quality bikes (such as Canadian Tire, Wallmart, Costco, Amazon & others) We don’t sell them & we have no obligation to repair them. We are happy to give you the phone number of an independent guy that does repair them.
  4. E bikes; we only repair brands that we sell. E bike fires stemming from less expensive, uncertified, second hand or repaired batteries prone to overheating has become a huge concern and liability. We don’t want them in our store.

Bicycle Tune Up $114.99

What is a bike Tune up?

Brake Adjustment, Gear Adjustment, Check and adjust bearings, minor wheel true, check all nuts and bolts are tight, inspect tires and tire pressure, lube where necessary, minor cleaning (parts extra)   &  test ride (weather permitting)        Note: There are extra fees for new parts or accessory installation.  

(Note: DEPARTMENT STORE bikes are very time consuming to repair and they very often will not perform to our standards even after a proper Tune up. Therefore time and space permitting we may repair select items to keep you riding safely but not a complete Tune up) We can give you the phone number of a local independent repair guy if we are unable to take in your repair.

CLEAN BIKE: No one wants to work on a dirty bike. $25.00 fee if we need to wash your bike.

For DIY repairs we have a great selection of tools and parts available for purchase.

Service Appointments: We are happy to schedule your repair but please keep in mind it still may take 24-72 hours to complete your repair, we have many new bikes to prepare as well with limited space and limited repair personnel. If you require parts ordered the repair will be delayed until we receive the parts.

Additional Bike Services such as:

Drivetrain Inspection and Cleaning: $40

Tune Up Plus $149.99   Regular tune up + Includes remove and clean drivetrain

Complete Overhaul $249.99

Same as Tune up, plus take apart and clean all bearings and repack with new grease, & thorough cleaning of drive train.

Fork/Shock service $60.00 and up. Call for estimate. We often ship forks to manufacturers repair center, they tend to have all the parts in stock.

The price will vary depending on the type of fork, amount of oil needed and any parts that may be needed.

Hydraulic Disc Brake Bleed $25.00 and Up

Wheel Build $99.00 and up

Note: Parts are always an extra cost to any of the services that we provide. 

E Bikes: E bike electronic updates for Bosch, Shimano, TQ, Fazua & Hyena system from $25.00

We are trained and able to work on the e bike brands we sell. All others we may do minor repairs but no electrical work. Battery not to stay at the shop we are concerned about fire hazards.

Shop Rate: $99.99/hr our labor rates are all based off of this.

STORAGE FEE:  When your repair is completed please pick it up promptly. 

After 30 days there is a $30.00/month storage fee.

After 6 months the bike will be sold to recoup our costs.

Service Clinic: 

We are not conducting service clinics at this time.

Call the shop 905-619-8875

Service Department